My Favorite Photos of 2016: People

I was going to make this my top 10 photos of 2016, but there was NO way I was going to be able to choose. So here are my favorites of the year.

Reuben took Helen on the "Big Hill" for the first time last year at Lutsen.

My little sister, Katelyn, got married in January.

Helen was a flower girl. Her auntie had to escort her down the aisle since she stopped partway down and wouldn't budge.

Little James was born on February 6th.

Doesn't he look thrilled to have a hug? :P

Getting some spring sunshine!

A moody shot of Helen.

"Reading" to little brother.

My two little munchkins.  

She picked these for a dandelion crown


Look at those fat thighs! :D

Practicing her cooking skills.

At the family cabin.

Tea party with cousins!


This makes me long for summer...


Silly Susan.

Feeding little brother.


My little sister, Amanda, had her baby girl in September.

Family photos! Photo credit: my older sister Janna.

"Helping" daddy.

My little sister, Katelyn, had her baby girl in October.

Getting our Christmas tree!

The 2016 Berge Girl Babies. Left to right (in age order): James, Reina, Emily, and Charlotte.

Helen loves playing in the snow.

Little Charlotte (born to my older sister, Audra).

Helen's getting pretty good at cracking eggs.


So there are my favorite photos of people from 2016! I may do my favorite non-human pictures as well...


Let me know what's on your mind!