6 Months Update | James

8-1-16 (25 weeks)
August 1st, 2016 - Such a big boy!

7-7-16 (21, almost 22 weeks)
July 7th, 2016: Trying cod liver oil for the first time!

7-15-16 (23 weeks)
July 16th, 2016: At the family reunion. Daddy rocked him to sleep for his naps.

7-21-16 (23, almost 24 weeks) n4
July 21st, 2016: Cousins!
From left to right: Ezra (2 months), Levi (9 months), James (5 months)

7-22-16 (1 day from 24 weeks) n2
July 22nd, 2016: Helen and James are so cute together and LOVE each other!

7-25-16 (24 weeks)
July 25th: James wants to crawl so bad!


  • *We started buying size 4 diapers for him! Technically he can still fit a size 3, but it won't be long before they're too small. Helen was still wearing a size 4 right before she was potty trained...
  • *He wears 9 month clothes.
  • *He can push his tummy off of the ground. He's getting ready to crawl!
  • *James really started to babble this month. He's saying consonant sounds like "m" and "b" and "v". He has said "Mama" a few times (here's proof). I know that he doesn't know what he's saying, but it still melts my heart.
  • *This little boy gets bored now! I noticed him being fussy before he should, and we realized it was just because he was no longer interested in his toy.
  • *James developed stranger anxiety this last month. He totally freaked out when his uncle sat next to him the car. And for some reason he's afraid/wary of Reuben's dad. It's always men that he's scared of. 
  • *Now that he's old enough to decide for himself, he likes to sleep on his side.
  • *James is still taking 3 naps a day: One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the late afternoon/early evening. His naps usually end up being at 9:00, 12:30, and 4:00 or thereabouts. 
  • *He wakes up 1-2 times at night to eat. Last night he slept for a 6 hour stretch! Wooh!

So there's James' 6 month update!


  1. How sweet! Helen is beginning to look just like you and James looks more and more like Reuben as he gets older. He looks like he is going to be a blond, too. Lovely pictures and use of light.

    1. Thank you! It's funny to me how they're turning out with our colorings (dark hair for me and Helen, light hair and eyes for James and Reuben) - I would have thought they would be more of a mix! :)

  2. Love the three baby cousins picture - so cute!! And I'm curious, do you still use Green Pastures FCLO? I haven't known what to think after that controversy. (This is Cait/Manhattan's Leaf from IG, though I've commented here before ;)

    1. Thank you! No, I don't use the FCLO any more because of the controversy. I'm not completely convinced that it's a bad product (I've heard good arguments on both sides), but I decided not to risk it with a baby. :) I use the Rosita Real Foods Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. It's pricey, but I think it's worth it for Jim's first cod liver oil. I'll probably buy a more affordable cod liver oil next - maybe the Virgin Cod Liver Oil from NutraPro.


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