38 Weeks Pregnancy Update

 photo 38 Weeks.jpgI decided to go ahead and update you at 38 weeks, in case I don't get the chance to do another pregnancy update...

Weight this week: 139 pounds - up 2.5 pounds from 2 weeks ago!

Measurement around (used-to-be) waist: 33" (1" bigger than last time)

Measurement around belly: 38" (1/2 inch bigger than last time)

How big is baby? My midwife estimated that baby is around 7 pounds. According to Baby Center, baby is now about 6.8 pounds and is about 19 1/2 inches long.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new. I purchased a nursing tank top, though.

Movement: The last few days this baby's movements have felt different. It feels like baby is lower, and the movements are slower.

Cravings: Carbs carbs carbs. The other night I randomly wanted buttered pasta.

Aversions: Nothing really. GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD.

Aches/Pains: My back used to hurt when I was sleeping, but now it's my legs. I'm not sure which is worse! Also, there's seems to be pressure on my right leg. And I'll get a cramp in my right calf occasionally.

I also have pain in my upper left abdomen lately. And I accidentally (obviously) slammed my belly in our chest freezer yesterday. That really hurt! So my right side is a bit tender.

Sleep: We purchased a new mattress! It seems to have a lot more support than our old one. I like that it's all-natural, so I won't have to worry about it off-gassing on our new baby. Hopefully it lasts for a while!

Fitness: Still working out 4 times a week! I'm also doing deep squats, rock-backs, etc. in preparation for labor.

My midwife thinks that I'll have this baby soonish. Baby is pretty low!

And that's my 38 week pregnancy update!

 photo output_qAr6NM.gif

Here is a gif of my growing belly! Weeks 6-38


  1. What an exciting time! Prayers and best wishes for a safe and easy delivery, healthy baby and you, and plenty of time to just relax with and get to know new baby!

  2. I hope you don't have to wait too long! So exciting. I can't decide if I hope to go early in the next two weeks or so or have a little longer to prepare. Not my decision anyway! :)

  3. The transition between the last picture and the first picture on your gif makes me giggle! It's just *poof* gone. Good luck during labour!

  4. Hope your last few days of pregnancy go by quickly, that you have an easy labor and a healthy child. Looking forward to the happy news!

  5. How exciting Erica!! Wishing you a quick labor & happiness for your growing family!


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