Helen's First Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar 04
This year, I decided to make an advent calendar for Helen for the first time. 
Advent calendars were never something that we did as a kid, but all of the cute ideas floating around Pinterest inspired me. It looked so fun!

Helen's Advent Calendar
I'm so glad that I did it. I got heaps of enjoyment out of planning/making it, and Helen has really been enjoying opening it every day.

Advent Calendar 02
I purchased some small, square, kraft paper envelopes from Hobby Lobby. I decorated them with various styles using a sharpie pen, labels from IKEA, and a white colored pencil.

I strung up some red and white baker's twine on pins (we have sheetrock walls), and attached the envelopes using mini wooden clothespins.

Helen's Advent Calendar
I filled the envelopes with stickers, treats, ornaments, paper dolls, jingle bells, activities, etc. 

Here's a breakdown of how I planned each day:
1 Stickers
2 Read a Christmas Story
3 Make Doughnuts + Drink Coffee
4 Ornament
5 Paper Doll
6 Stickers
7 Make Cinnamon Ornaments
8 Paper Doll
9 Treat
10 Go Sledding
11 Jingle Bells
12 Color a Christmas Picture
13 Stickers
14 Paper Doll
15 Make Gingerbread House
16 Treat
17 Ornament
18 Make Paper Snowflakes
19 Stickers
20 Paper Doll
21 Jingle Bells
22 Watch a Christmas Movie
23 Stickers
24 Ornament

I had to delay/switch/skip a few days due to weather (there was no snow when we were supposed to go sledding!) or poor planning (I forgot to buy cinnamon for making the ornaments).

It's going to be a bit sad when we're all done with the advent calendar! Ah well, there's always next year...

Did you ever do an advent calendar as a kid? What sorts of things did you get in it?

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