Things Helen Says...

In the above photo Helen was sipping her "Carob Milk" (milk mixed with a bit of carob powder). It was a bit warm, thus the grimace. Shirt from Carter's. Leggings from threUP.

Our little munchkin is starting to say some pretty funny things. Here are a few that gave me a laugh:

She calls chickpeas "chicken peas."

While I was playing Pat-a-Cake with her, I sang, "And throw it waaaay up into the oven for -" and waited for her to fill in the blank. "Jesus!" she said.

"There's a muddy puddle in my foon (spoon)!" -- When her spoon got dirt on it.

"What's a woodpepper?" -- After I told her there was a woodpecker outside.

"Happy Birthday to you. And many more for you, Mommy!"

To her teddy bear: "You were in Mommy's belly, remember that?"

"Daddy's big girl undies!" -- When she saw Reuben's underwear.

After I pretended to leave for work with Reuben: "Don't go with Daddy. It's cold. Where's your mittens?"

"Happy Birthday to you and many more. Where's my cake?"

Once morning when I went to get her our of bed she said, "Susanna!" We had seen a picture of a little girl by that name at some friends' house and she talks about her every once in a while. After I picked her up she said, "Ho-Susanna. In the highest. Sing it, Mommy!"

"I can't say it any-gain."

"I can do it all by my selfie."

"That is icky. I don't want to see it." -- After seeing me clip my fingernails.

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  1. My Susanna or someone else? :) I chuckled over this one---don't you just love listening to them learn to talk?

    1. Yes, I'm pretty sure she was talking about your Susanna - she saw her picture on your Christmas card after we saw the photo at your parents' house, so she has it cemented in her memory now. :)

  2. So cute! I love the 'Ho-Susanna in the highest.'


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