She's One

One Year Old

Helen turned one year old on Thursday.
It has been a crazy journey. Very hard and very rewarding. 

Here are a few updates since last month:
  • She claps her hands when I start singing patty-cake and puts her fingers together when I sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • She started being able to follow directions. When I tell her to get a book she'll walk over to the bookshelf and pick one out. For a while she would only choose the Pride and Prejudice counting book. She held it up for me to read it to her again and again and again. Then I hid it from her. I'm such a good mom.
  • I also taught her to get my nursing cover for me when she's hungry. Very handy.
  • Her words have just exploded. She can say dog, cat, cheese, mama, dad, Teddy, up, all done, ball, please, pretty, brrr, and probably more that I can't remember.
  • She's learning where her body parts are. Sometimes she'll point to her nose, eye or belly when I ask her.

I put together a short film with highlights of Helen's firsts:

Here's a look back on her first year of life:

Born on February 13, 2013 at 12:03 PM |  6 pounds 14 ounces | 20.5 inches long
You can read her birth story HERE

Rolled over on a hard surface for the first time at 15 weeks old
She was able to sit up on her own at 5 1/2 months
She tried her first food (egg yolks) at about 5 1/2 months
Crawled for the first time a few days after she turned 6 months old
Pulled herself up to standing at a couple weeks shy of 7 months
Started walking at 9 (almost 10) months
She began doing sign language and saying a few words at 10 months

You can read all of Helen's monthly updates HERE

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  1. Aw, the film is lovely,she's adorable!
    Big congratulations to her and to you, I guess you're ready for a months holiday at a beach lying in a hammock? :)

    1. Thank you - it was fun to edit. :) And yes, I would LOVE to go someplace warm right now. This winter is lasting forever. :)

  2. What a darling video. So great you are blogging all of her developments, just think of the great family record you are making. It will be so fun to look at all of this when she is in high school and beyond!

    1. Yes, it's already fun to look back at her early months. :)

  3. wow! she is so sweet . can you belive she is one already ? happy birthday helen


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