11 Months

Almost 11 Months Old
Drinking from a straw.

My apologies for my hiatus in blogging. It was unintended. We got really busy (visiting my sister who lives over 3 hours away and going to visit my family 4 days in a row while our house was freezing cold). Plus, Reuben's computer died so I've been sharing mine with him.

Anyway, here's what's new with Helen this month:
  • She knows three signs really well: up, please, and milk (see THIS video for proof). She occasionally signs for "more" when she's really desperate for something.
  • She's also trying to say more words. She says "up" (with a silent p) accompanied by the sign when she wants to be picked up. And I *think* she's trying to say "teddy" and "daddy."
  • She has four teeth now! Three on the bottom and one on the top. She was SUPER cranky when her top one was busting through. 
  • I taught Helen how to drink from a straw the other day. She also uses a sippy cup and she actually drank from a bottle (she has hated using a bottle up to this point).
  • Reuben pulled out his old teddy bear for Helen. She loves it. She'll rest her head on him and coo "Ooooh" -- it's pretty adorable. 
  • She's more actively playing peek-a-boo now. She'll raise and lower a blanket and grin, or put her hands behind her head to play (why do little kids NEVER put their hands in the right spot when they play peek-a-boo?!).
  • She's also learning to use objects for their intended purpose. The other day I handed her my comb to play with, and to my surprise she tried to comb her hair. And when I was sweeping the floor she found a little plastic golf putter and tried to sweep my dirt. Melted my heart. 
  • She also loves to throw balls (or grapefruits) onto the floor and watch them roll (see THIS video).
  • Helen knows where my nose is (she points to it when I ask her). Now to teach her where her own nose is...
  • She's FINALLY warming up to food. When I'm eating something, she really wants a taste. I made her some ice cream (grass-fed cream, maple syrup and a splash of vanilla). And she loves her pickles (see this and this photo). She still nurses for most of her nutrition, but I'm hoping to transition to more solids.

And that's all I have for this month.
Have a lovely day!


  1. You'll wean her as soon as she bites you with those new teeth!

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi from Oklahoma! I just have to say that your little gal is exceptionally cute and expressive! I love seeing the pictures of her. You are a talented photographer! Blessings to you!!


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