December Photo-a-Day 2013: Days 30 + 31

Day 30: Out cross-country skiing with Mom & Dad! Helen really enjoyed herself, even though it was very cold.

The Magic of Makeup
Day 31: The magic of a little makeup. I used concealer, mascara, blush, lip stain, and filled in my eyebrows a bit. These photos were taken using the same settings on my camera and adjusted for contrast, exposure and color.

And that ends my photo-a-day project! It was really fun. But now I will resume my regular, sporadic posting. :)

Happy New Year!


  1. You're lovely without make-up! In our 20s, we can look beautiful with just a clean face; in our 60s, we may need to add a little something to a clean face! (But it doesn't seem to help in my case!) You blog is wonderful--or rather, both your blogs are.


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