Awkward and Awesome

I’ve seen a few bloggers do a series called “Awkward and Awesome” where they highlight some of their funny/happy moments from recent weeks. I thought it would be fun to write about some of the things that have happened to us lately.
Almost all of the awkward things involve Helen. :P

  • As seen in the photo above, Helen managed to open a bag of coconut sugar and spill some of it on the floor. She licked some of it off of her fingers before I had a chance to stop her.
  • While I was shopping at Claire’s for some small hoop earrings the other day Helen managed to get her hands on a piece of paper that had fallen out of my pocket. She soon had a piece ripped off and was gagging on it. I reached my finger into her mouth and pulled it out, but that made her gag even more. So of course she puked on her shirt. I didn’t have a spit-rag with me, so I used my glove to scoop up the vomit, wad it up and shove it into my pocket. Ew.
  • On the same shopping trip, this time in a thrift store, a little baby started crying. Helen responded by cooing and laughing. No sympathy!
  • I have been enjoying lots of cocoa lately. Whipped cream is a must in my book.
  • I figured out how to give my hair lots of body for an updo: braid your hair while it’s still a bit damp and leave in all day and night. The next day, brush it out, bump it up and twist into a bun. Voila! See an example of it here.
  • New yarn in the mail! I’m knitting a hat for my sister as a belated birthday present, and I’m planning on knitting a hat for Helen.
  • Another new thing in the mail: this tulip shirt. I likey.
  • I finally got around to editing some more of the photos I took of Katelyn. I might have to share them here sometime. Here’s a sample photo.

What sorts of funny/interesting/awesome things have been happening to you lately?

2 Responses to Awkward and Awesome

  1. Heather 
    I can’t think much of an awkward/awesome moment. But, I do have a gross moment you reminded me of when you mentioned Helen was gagging on some paper. When my daughter was about 9 months old I gave her a magazine to distract her, not thinking about how everything goes in to the mouth. I caught her when she started to choke on the paper she ripped out. I swooped her up, telling her to ’spit it out, spit it out, Nicole. Open, Nicole, open your mouth, spit it….’ and that was all that came out. While my mouth was open and forming the rest of the sentence, Nicole finally dislodged the wad of paper, along with all of her recently eaten meal. I’ll give you three guesses where it all went…
  2. Erica Lea 
    Heather: Oh, wow, I thought my experience was gross! Yeah, I’ve let Helen play with magazines only to have her start to eat them. It’s really too bad because it would keep her entertained for quite some time otherwise! :)

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