Morning Cuppa

I have always admired steam photos – the wispy curls look so magical. But it always alluded me as to how to capture that beauty. The other day I discovered how by accident.
As I was pottering about, still drowsy, fixing breakfast, I noticed how striking the steam from my cup of tea was. I grabbed my camera and snapped away. Then I realized what created the distinct steam – the morning light pouring through the window.
The steam must be backlit for it to show up! Eureka!
Have you discovered any new photography tricks/tips lately?

8 Responses to Morning Cuppa

  1. Annie 
    This is such a beautiful picture! Great tip — I’m going to have to try it sometime! :)
  2. Sara 
    This is lovely! That cup is so cute, did you make it? I’ll have to remember this trick :)
  3. Teresa Frei 
    I have always wondered that myself. Great tip, I’ll have to try it sometime. Love the picture! Is there any possible way I can get a copy of it? It would fit perfectly in my kitchen. Thanks!
  4. Erica Lea 
    Teresa: Thank you! Yes, I’d be happy to set up an Etsy listing for this print. What size do you need?
  5. Teresa Frei 
    That would be great! Thank you! I would love to have 11×14 inches if possible and it would be shipped to Germany. I just sent emailed you a message. Thanks again!
  6. Shea 
    Hi Erica! I came across this gorgeous picture and am thrilled for the tip on photographing steam. I was also wondering where the gorgeous cup came from in the photo? I am a ceramics nerd as well and I love it — Keep up the great photos!
  7. Erica Lea 
    Shea: I got it as a set from David’s Tea, but they no longer sell them. You can get is from Terrain for $10 + shipping. I should really do a giveaway since everyone loves these cups. :)
  8. Shea 

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