Adorable Baby Clothes for a Song!

I must admit that I have a weakness for adorable baby clothes. But I’m not a fan of paying $20 (or more!) for a single item of clothing. That’s why I love thrift shops – you can find gently used, quality pieces for a fraction of the original price.
Here are some of my recent finds:
Baby Clothes
I found this adorable dress at a second hand shop in town. The brand is “Liberty of London for Target.” I’m guessing that the original retail price was about $15-$20. It was half off at the thrift store, so I only paid $2.
Baby Clothes
Baby Clothes
Guys. I am seriously obsessed with thredUP. It’s an online shop for gently used clothing at a tremendous discount from the original retail price. I found a coupon code (now expired) that allowed me to get $10 off my first order. And shipping is only $2.99, so I got these two adorable pieces for only about $5. I’m sure I would have paid $30-$40 for them brand new.
AND if you use any of the links to thredUP in this post, you’ll receive $10 off your first order, and I’ll get $10 off my next order! Win-win. :)
Do you like to shop for deals?

3 Responses to Adorable Baby Clothes for a Song!

  1. Rebecca Lately 
    I am the same way about clothes. I love the style of the more expensive brands, but the prices are just not worth it to me. All three of our kids wear thrfited clothes that I resell when they’ve grown out of them!
  2. Hannah 
    aww! These are some lovely outfits! I adore the first one> it seems im in love with those colors this summer! <3 p="">
    Yes, prices are astronomical now days. I wont pay full price for anything now! Its either thrift shops, or clearance racks{and thats still pushing it} for me!
  3. Sarah 
    I have been enjoying your blogs for a while now. Thanks so much for pointing us to thredUP! I immediately went to the site and bought some clothes. I am all about consignment, so this is my new favorite site!


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