Growing Up Too Fast? | 3 (almost 4) Month Update

Let’s be real. Having been blessed with a temperamental little girl (who cries at the drop of a hat), the last thing on my mind most days is that she’s growing up too fast. Instead, I long for the day that she can be happy for extended periods of time.
What’s that you say? 18 more years, you say? Please say it ain’t so!
Sometimes I think, she’ll be happy soon; wait another week. Sometimes I think, she’s always going to be crabby; I’ll always be on the edge, wondering if she’s going to lose it.
And then she smiles a big, sloppy, toothless grin and coos and babbles at me. And my heart melts and I want her to be like that always.
Here are some updates about how our little girl is growing.
  • She’s over 14 pounds now! That’s more than twice her birth weight. Sometimes I call her porkchop. :D
  • She has rolled over from her tummy to her back a half dozen times. And now she can readily roll from her back to her stomach (see this Vine).
  • She learned how to reach out and grab objects. And now when I hold up things for her to touch she coos loudly – makes me laugh.
  • She loves taking a shower – she had developed a strong distaste for her bath, so we tried taking her into the shower instead. Success!
  • Guys. She laughed. FOR REALS.
  • Helen is now taking her naps in her crib. And she fell asleep after only 3 minutes the other day! WHEW.
Drool Monster
Helen has outgrown her crazy amounts of spitup — and exchanged it for massive amounts of drool. Which makes me wonder if she’s going to get teeth soon…
She’ll be 4 months old next Thursday!
Sorry to all you non-moms for boring you with photos of my baby. Yeah, I guess I’m not. :P

7 Responses to Growing Up Too Fast? | 3 (almost 4) Month Update

  1. Liz 
    Your child is ADORABLE. Seriously. I’m due in 2 months and I hope my little one will be half as cute as Helen!
  2. Rebecca Lately 
    What a cutie!! I know how you feel. Our second son cried a lot, too, and I was glad that the time flew by.
  3. Cait 
    It was the same way for the most part with my now 16 month old, though now I have to say I’m sad that my memory of the first few months is such a blur. It’s almost nonexistent. I have a bad memory anyway though! It’s hard when you realize you’re looking forward so much to naptime when you swore you wouldn’t when you were pregnant. Or when they nap for 15 minutes and are fussy/finicky the rest of the time. But now it’s hard to remember! It gets so much better! Soon :)
  4. Emily O. 
    She is so sweet! Hang in there! I agree with everything Cait said.
  5. Kathryn Grace 
    Who says non-moms are bored with baby photos? :-) She is adorable!
  6. Erica 
    From one mom of a spirited baby to another. Just remember that for all of that fussy turns into a big ball of happy as well. Babies who cry a lot also laugh a lot. I was just like you a few months ago. Tomorrow will be better…I am not going to make it to tomorrow… But now I have a 10 month old and he is a changed man. He still lets me know when he isn’t happy but it is nothing like the first 4 months. You are almost there!! She is beautiful. We love all of the pictures!!!
  7. Esther I 
    As a mom to an 8 month old, 20 month old and 3 year old, I never get enough of marveling at the wonderful milestones. Even though we have had lots of babies in our house in the last 3 years, I’ve checked your site with my husband nearby just to show him how adorable Helen is — so much personality coming through all your pics. What an absolute cutie! Enjoy it all because though it may be cliche, it will all go too fast. My 3 year old reminds me of that every day. Blessings!

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