33 Weeks

I’m at 33 weeks! Four more weeks and my baby will be full term…

Weight this week: 134.8 lb. – I’m a hair under my goal weight gain of 1-2 pounds a week since I had the stomach bug last week. More on that in a bit.
Measurements around largest part of my tummy:36.5″ – I’ve gained 1.5 inches around my middle since5 weeks ago.
Measurements around smallest part of my waist:32″ – up 1 inch from last time. Okay, okay, so I don’t really have a “waist” anymore. That measurement is just around the part of my belly that USED to go in. ;)
As I mentioned above, I had a nasty stomach bug last week, hence the 33 week update instead of the planned 32. It was pretty miserable. Not being able to eat but desperately needing food is NOT a good thing while pregnant. But Reuben was awesome and helped me through it – made me eat when I didn’t have any appetite. I don’t know what I’d do without him.
What with the sickness and the holidays, I have been less than steady with my exercises. Okay, that’s an understatement. I’m lucky if I get one session in per week.
Now it’s getting down to the wire and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the things I need to accomplish – prepare my mind for labor, buy essential baby items (diapers, car seat, etc.)…Your prayers for my peace of mind would be appreciated. :)
And there’s my 28 weeks update.
Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that 2013 will be an awesome year!
Erica Lea

6 Responses to 33 Weeks

  1. Kathryn Grace 
    You look so cute. :-) So does this mean that the next update will be baby pictures??? :-D
  2. Moriah Mari 
    Oh . . . your little one is almost here! :)
    I’ll be praying for your peace of mind. I can only imagine how much there is to do.
  3. Abigail 
    Awesome!! So excited for you! I LOVE LOVE the pics!! :) Your blog is super nice!
  4. Diane 
    You look like you’re carrying a girl to me. ; ) At least from the angle of the picture. Take as many naps as you can since you won’t get to sleep all night for a long time after the little one gets here!
  5. Rebecca 
    Dear Erica, you’ll be just fine in your preparations. I had my first little girl in March and felt exactly like you did – that I wouldn’t be prepared enough. The truth is, nothing really can prepare you for what’s about to happen, but you adapt – even to the less sleep, and I still got enough … If you have a supportive family around you, and it certainly seems you are blessed with that, anything you miss in your shopping can be picked up later. As for your health and strength, I hope and pray you will be improving soon. And where I live, full term is considered 40 weeks (from the date of your last monthly …) – so you might even have 7 weeks to wait before meeting your little bub. Bless you.

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