The beautiful orange light of the evening sun shines through Breanna’s lovely hair and makes everything glow warmly.
Photo Challenge Submission

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  1. Kathryn Grace 
    WOW. This is gorgeous!
  2. Kathryn Grace 
    *You can delete this comment if you want* Don’t you have to have the IHF button in your post to qualify??
  3. Erica Lea 
    Kathryn: Ah yes – I couldn’t find their button at first…went back to their site and found it. I had also forgotten to link up. *DUH* :)
  4. Tish 
    Beautiful!! Love the sun flare!
  5. Jenny 
    Pretty cool!
  6. Bonnie 
  7. Kristen F 
    Her hair is gorgeous!
  8. Ginger 
    Absolutely stunning!
  9. Fenne 
    This is so beautiful and warm. And she has amazing hair!

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