My Favorite Kind of Day

Saturday was one of my favorite kind of days. A bit gloomy. Chilly. Relaxed.
Reuben took a walk in the woods to hunt down some deer. When he came in from the wet and cold we had homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.
After lunch we went to town and Reuben helped me pick out some yarn for a hat I’m planning on knitting.
When we got home we decided to take another walk to see if we could sneak up on any deer. The conditions were perfect: a fine, constant mist of rain kept everything moist and there seemed to be a hush all around.
Carefully walking through the woods, trying to make as little noise as possible, we came upon two does. A buck was what we were looking for, so they got away.
What’s your favorite kind of day?

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  1. Rebecca in NC 
    That sounds like a perfect day :) And that soup looks delicious!
  2. Nela 
    The same day that you just described. ;) Gotta love ‘em!
    Also, I like your husband’s t-shirt. I have one just like that when I attended a shooting event last year.
    Anyway, great pics!
  3. Abbie 
    Beautiful photos of what looks like a lovely day! One of my favourite kind of days would have to be the cool, wet, cosy days – we receive so many warm ones that cold weather is very pleasant! :)
  4. Homeschool on the Croft 
    I’m not so sure about the t-shirt myself …. me being a Brit an’ all that ;)
    Your day sounds like a perfect day to me. Deer hunting, knitting and making and having soup … yep, it about sums up perfection to me :)
  5. Erica Lea 
    Anne: Haha, yes, the instructors were a bit too “American-can-do-no-wrong-the-British-were-evil” for our tastes. :)
  6. Elizabeth 
    I could use one of your perfect days…except for the hunting part. That’s too out of my comfort zone. But everything else sounded and looked so lovely.
    For me, any day I get to spend with my 7 year old daughter is a perfect day for me.
  7. bonnie 
    just add a few moments with a good book and a big mug of something hot to drinkto your day and that would be mine. . .
  8. Carissa @ Pretty/Hungry 
    My favorite day is a gray one as well! I think it makes being inside that much cozier. :) Hope you’re feeling well as that little one continues to grow!
  9. FRAN 
    What the —- do you need to hunt for? Heartless —–.
  10. FRAN 
    You left out ---- and -----
  11. Rebecca 
    Just wanted to say – good for you! Wild meat is by far better for you and better for the animal. Death is fast and they are scared for a few seconds. People like Fran should be forced to visit a slaughter house. I have few issues with either method of procuring healthy foods but animal harvesting is hardly as wonderful for the animal as is the life of a wild animal.
    Erica – I greatly enjoy your posts but never comment. I am happy for you that your husband thinks highly enough of you and your child to provide you with fresh and healthy food options. :-)

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