Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning
Frosty Morning
Frosty Morning
Frosty Morning
Frosty Morning
Frosty Morning
The other day I awoke to a world frosted in white. Still clothed in my PJ’s, I grabbed my camera bag and shoved it into our car so it’d be acclimated to the cold when I was ready to shoot.
After breakfast I rushed outside to capture the frozen crystals before the sun melted them all away.
Now our world is covered in a protecting, soft blanket of snow. I’ll have to get photos of it for ya’ll sometime.
Has is frosted/snowed where you live?

9 Responses to Frosty Morning

  1. Annie 
    Those pictures are beautiful! Hasn’t snowed here in IA yet, and normally the first one falls sometime in October… so it’s unusually late this year. But I love the warmer weather. =)
  2. Megan 
    So beautiful! I love frost! We have snow here but I am still waiting for our first really pretty frost, that’s probably my fav. thing about winter :)
  3. Kathryn Grace 
    So lovely! We’ve had a few frosts, but nothing heavy yet.
  4. Kristina 
    What gorgeous pictures! I especially love the first one. You made me a bit nostalgic. I grew up in Indiana and looking at your pictures, I can so well remember the feel and sense and smell of so many mornings like this that it feels like I am there. Here in South, South Texas it is a rare day to see frost and we almost never see snow. :)
  5. Angela 
    Just looking at those pictures is cooling me down! I’m Australian and it’s summer here and it’s very hot. Right now it is 34degrees celsius aka 93 fahrenheit.
  6. Elizabeth 
    Your photography is really stunning. And it’s not just that I’m from Los Angeles and we could not have more different weather and environment. You really know how to create a beautiful photo!
  7. Moriah Mari 
    Oooo . . . Erica, these are lovely! I particularly like numbers one and seven.
    No, snow here in northern IL yet. We would usually have snow by now – but I imagine it will come soon enough. :)
  8. Anna 
    Stunning images!
    We got a few snowflakes today which was early for Denmark but hoping for a few more this weekend since we’ve got a cold front covering Scandinavia at the moment, great timing for the first of Advent!
  9. Abbie 
    I love these photos – they’re so refreshingly cool to look at while we have warm days over here! :)

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