DIY Fall/Autumn Leaf Garland


Time for an autumn tutorial!
Here’s what you’ll need to make your own fall leaf garland: a length of yarn, a couple of pins or nails, miniature wooden clothespins and pressed or wax-dipped leaves.
  • Measure how far up the wall you’d like to place your garland (I went slightly above eye level), and place a pin or nail in that spot. I used a pin because that leaves the least damage on our sheetrock walls. If you don’t mind poking holes in your walls, you could always use nails or whatever else you’d like.
  • Measure up the same distance where you’d like your garland to end and place the other pin in the wall.
  • Tie one end of the yarn onto one of the pins. Stretch it across to the other pin and tie in place. Make sure to pull the string a bit more taught than you’d like the finished garland to hang since the leaves will weigh it down.
  • Clip your leaves to the yarn with the mini clothespins at even intervals.
  • And you’re finished!
I plan to reuse this clothesline for winter/Christmas – maybe hang pine cones and tiny pine branches interspersed with miniature Christmas tree globes.
What are you doing to decorate your house for fall?

8 Responses to DIY Fall/Autumn Leaf Garland

  1. Megan 
    That’s a neat idea!
  2. Kathryn Grace 
    Very fun and easy! Great that you can quickly change out decor by clipping new items to the line.
    By the way… I love the block font you used – could I ask the name of it and if you found it free or bought it?
  3. Erica Lea 
    Kathryn: Yes, I can’t wait to try something else for Christmas. :) Yeah, I really like that font. It’s called “Sketch Block” and I got it for free here: {link}

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