20 Weeks

20 Weeks

Okay, so I missed a week. After all, I only said I would try to take a photo about every four weeks. Anyway.
Oh, and I decided to ditch the shirt I was using for my first two preggers photos. I’ll probably do a different one each time. We’ll see.
Weight this week: 122 lb.
I started out at about 112-115 pounds (I’m 5′2″ and a bit), so I’ve gained about 7 pounds already. I’m supposed to gain anywhere from 25-40 pounds, so I should end up anywhere from 140-155 lbs. WOWZERS. But it’s for a good cause.
Measurements around largest part of my tummy:31.5″
Measurements around smallest part of my waist: 29″ — Waaaah! Oh well. It’s for a good cause.
I’ve been doing pretty well with my exercises. My back has been hurting when I wake up in the morning, and I think those exercises have helped to alleviate the pain a bit. The lady CLAIMS that you’ll be all nice and toned if you continue the program regularly, but I’m skeptical.
Life saving tip: The rubber band method of fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans [Warning: the lady shows a little tummy for the tutorial. :) ]. I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on new maternity jeans (well, I DO, but that wouldn’t be good), so I’m scouring thrift stores and clearance racks (I found some new preggers jeans at Target for $10) and making do with what I have.
I have been obsessed (as Reuben could testify) with DIY projects lately: cloth diapers, tiny hats, sweaters, etc. etc. Perhaps once I complete a few projects I’ll share them with ya’ll.

And there’s my 20 weeks update.
Do you have any tips, tricks or advice you’d like to share? Please leave a comment — I’m a new mama and need all the help I can get. :)

Have a lovely day!
Erica Lea

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  1. Rebecca in NC 
    I did the rubber band thing, too. It worked until somewhere around 25-ish weeks for me. It was kind of funny/embarrassing. I was talking to a coworker and all o f a sudden she bent down to pick something off the floor. It was my hair band. :/ I hadn’t even realized it popped off my pants!
  2. Diana 
    Not pregnant, but I saw this blog and thought it was a cute (and functional) idea:http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/07/maternity-diy-make-a-belly-band.html
    It might work better than a rubber band?
    You look super good. In addition to pilates, I’ve heard you can continue pre-pregnancy exercise (such as running) if you do it at much less intense effort. I guess it is really up to your OBGYN though.
    Best of luck and congrats to you and Ruben!
  3. Megan 
    You look so cute! :) Hope you have been feeling well!
  4. Erica Lea 
    Rebecca: Ha! I did the same thing – I was wearing a pink hair tie on my pants…my little sister-in-law found it on the floor and gave it to me. I don’t think anyone was the wiser… :)
  5. Erica Lea 
    Diana: Oh, I love A Beautiful Mess! Yes, I might have to make a belly band once I get bigger. :) Yeah, my midwife said that basically, if I was doing the exercises before pregnancy, I could do them during. I just don’t want to start a super-intense workout. :) Thank you for the tips!
  6. Erica Lea 
    Megan: Daw….thanks! :D I’ve been feeling great, besides having a perpetual stuffy nose at night and some back pain. :)
  7. Begoña 
    I did the rubber band thing for a few weeks, when my usual jeans were too tight but the maternity ones wouldn’t fit either. It was ok for a while but I had to stop at week 24-25 cause I was too big for that and I wasnt comfortable anymore. I work at an office so I spend long hours sitting at my desk, and once your belly starts growing, but like really really really growing, your old jeans are too highwaist, even if they are low waist and you are wearing them unbuttoned, it feels like someone is stabbing you in the stomach. Not good. Besides, eventually, they’ll make you a muffintop… I bought four pair of maternity jeans in different colours in H&M for 20€ each and the feeeeeeeeel so guuuuud. With the right top, nobody would tell they are maternity and I feel so comfortable on them. Best investment ever. You’re about to feel really uncomfortable most of the time so I highly suggest clothes that fit you well, clothes that are soft and flexible. xx from Spain
  8. Carissa @ Pretty/Hungry 
    My tip is to read Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and The Everything Breastfeeding book. Both were incredibly helpful to me.
    Continue to enjoy your pregnancy!
  9. Kristen 
    You look adorable!
  10. Heidi L 
    I highly recommend a belly band! I was able to wear all but one of my regular pairs of pants using the belly band all the way up to the day I gave birth. I found it a lot easier to keep my pants up too. I did have two pairs of maternity pants, but didn’t like them as well. They were constantly slipping down and I had to keep pulling them up. And it was great for the post pregnancy shrinking too.
  11. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com 
    I am not a mama yet, but i think you are doing great! Radiantly beautiful :)
  12. Laura Brown 
    Congratulations! After having been there twice, I can tell you the rubber band thing works. You can also just try to find clothes a size up – or blouses with an empire waist, rather than spending money on actual maternity clothes. There are a lot of ways around spending money while pregnant and being a mommy. Go with cloth diapers – it saves a fortune. If you’re not already making your own laundry soap, start. It works wonders on dirty children’s clothes and diapers. Use regular white vinegar to get stains out. It’s safer than bleach and rinses clean. The smell has never been an issue for me either – it dissipates after rinses. Good luck!
  13. Annalyn 
    I did the rubber band thing for my entire pregnancy. My sister gave me her old jeans that were 1 size up from my normal size and they lasted me the whole nine months. I never could afford to buy myself a pair of maternity pants, lol. You look gorgeous! So much prettier than I did. I was never very radiant. I had pregnancy acne, haha. My tip to you is don’t skip exercising! You’ll regret it later. Exercise during pregnancy makes labor and recovery sooo much easier! It will also give you energy.
  14. Marjorie 
    I would recommend doing inversions and rebozo sifting (assuming you don’t have an anterior placenta) from spinning babies. Spinning babies techniques helped me in my pregnancy and I have had two spinal surgeries.

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