February Photo-a-Day Update

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I have really been enjoying the February Photo a Day challenge so far. I’m very much tempted to continue as long asChantelle keeps posting the monthly challenges!
Here are some of the photos I’ve captured this month.
Day 14: Heart. This chocolate is seriously good.
Feb. Photo-a-Day #15: Phone
Day 15: Phone
Feb. Photo-a-Day #16: Something New
Day 16: Something New. Reuben surprised me with an iPod Touch for Valentine’s Day.
Feb. Photo-a-Day #17: Time
Day 17: Time. It’s winter time here in Minnesota!
To keep up with my February Photo-a-Day challenge, check out my Flickr.  I also share all of my photos on Twitter.
Have a lovely Monday!

4 Responses to February Photo-a-Day Update

  1. Amanda 
  2. Ju 
    stunnings photos :)
  3. Miriam 
    What’s your Instagram username? I would love to follow you. :)
  4. Erica Lea 
    Miriam: That would be “ericaleaphotos” :)

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