My Year in Photos: 2011 Part 1


By January 1st, we had quite a bit of snow – a far cry from this year!
We went skiing many times last year. My favorite place to ski: Giants Ridge. Photo credit: Albert Berge.
I experimented with artificial portraiture lighting for the first time. Katelyn makes such a lovely subject.


    Grandma taught us how to make Spaetzle. So good. Photo credit: Katelyn B.
On Saturday, February 12, Reuben and I started our romantic relationship. :)
I went on my first date ever on February 14. Photo credit: Katelyn B.


More skiing at Giants Ridge. This is my brother-in-law, Justin, with his wicked beard hat.
Reuben sent me these gorgeous roses.
We gathered and boiled down sap for maple syrup.


April 2, we got engaged! Photo credit: Janna B.
My beautiful ring.
Watched Reuben play golf with friends.


Much of May was spent preparing for our wedding.


On June 11 we were married. Photo credit: Anders Keller
We went on a 2-week long honeymoon out west.
More photos to come later!

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