Our Wedding

June 11, 2011, at 2:00 in the afternoon.
The ceremony was held in my family’s backyard.
To see many more photos, click the photo above to open the gallery.
All photos by AK Keller and Beth Ender

[Edited on November 1st, 2013 to add all of the photos into the post]
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8 Responses to Our Wedding

  1. DessertForTwo 
    Oh my gosh, Erica! I absolutely LOVED every single photo!
    I’m partial to the ones with y’all kissing because I just love the look on your faces–complete, honest LOVE.
    Sending many many blessings, happiness and joy your way, you beautiful bride!
  2. Carli Nicole 
    Congrats!! You look beautiful!
  3. Shari K 
    Your wedding photos were the sweetest and lovliest I’ve ever seen. I wish you and your husband all the happiness in the world. Thank you for sharing your special day.
  4. Carissa@Pretty/Hungry 
    Enchanting, Erica. What a lovely archway!
  5. Marlena 
    Beautiful, Erica! May all your troubles be little ones.
  6. Anne DeRuiter 
    What a wonderful antidote to the overblown, over-expensive weddings. Truly lovely. Thank you for sharing!!
  7. Aysegul 
    I looked your photos accidently while I was looking for good breakfast menu. You are so beautiful in the photos and your good soul is almost visible. I wish you a very long and happy life.
    from very far away, Turkey
  8. Suech 
    Congratulations! You have a gorgeous wedding and keep up the good work you have done for both your food & photography blogs. I love your pictures!!!

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