My Project 365, Week 1

Call me ambitious (READ: crazy), but I have committed to taking at lease one photo every day this year. I know it will be a challenge, and there will be some days that I just won’t want to take a photo. However, I believe that I can learn so much from all the practice I will get.
Each Saturday I will post a roundup of the week’s photos.
Project 365, Week 1
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Here’s the fun part: I’m inviting you to share your photos from your own 365 or 52 project. Each month I will select one winner from among the photos submitted. The winner will be featured here on Simple Days. Yes, there will be prizes.
It’s okay if you didn’t start your project on the first of January. You can join in at any time!
  • Only one photo per person per week is allowed.
  • The photo must be from the previous week.
  • Only those committed to doing a 365 or 52 project are allowed to enter. It’s okay if you miss a day or so in your project, but you must have decided on a 365 or 52 project to be eligible to enter.
  • Winner will be announced on the first Saturday of each month.
  • Spread the word! You must include a link to this post in your photo post.

4 Responses to My Project 365, Week 1

  1. Ruth Ann 
    Ooh, I like, I like. =) Love your pictures, as always. I decided to do a picture every day this year as well! Although…I missed Wednesday of this week. :(
    I have a few questions though! When you say “from the last week” you mean, for example, the 1-7 from this month, right? not the week before that? I just wanted to clarify for myself.. also, does it *have* to be one of the photos that I post in my ‘weekly round’ up post that I’m going to be doing on my own blog, or could I choose another photo from that week? just wondering. :)
    This sounds fun! It’ll give some extra motivation for me as well! Thanks!
  2. Erica Lea 
    Ruth Ann: Yes, from last week means from January 1-7 for this week’s post. Next week will be January 8-14 for next week’s linkup. The photo does not need to be from your weekly roundup. It must be hosted somewhere on the web so I can view it for deciding on a winner. If you don’t want to post your photo to your blog you could always unload it to to flickr or picasa or some similar image hosting site.
    Can’t wait to see your entry!
  3. rachel 
    Wow, it must be a contagious new years resolution because my mom also asked me to do a picture a day! I will have to stick with it!!
  4. Danielle 
    You’ve definitely inspired me to do a 365 project! Your pictures are fantastic! :)

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