Winter Knitting Wishlist

If I could afford to buy all the yarn I would ever dream of and had the time/motivation to finish each project, this is what I would create:

Top row: 1 [ Pretty Maids via Knitty ] 2 [ Silver Belle via Vogue Knitting ] 3 [ Desmid via Sipping and Stitching ]
Middle Row: 1 [ Bowline Mittens via Stephanie Earp (only available on Ravelry) ] 2 [ Oiseau de Feu via Caoua Coffee (only available on Ravelry) ] 3 [ Elvira via Knitting Glasses ]
Bottom Row: 1 [ Ringwood Gloves also via Knitty ] 2 [ Whirl-it-Kit via Pickles ] 3 [ Tern Socks via Twist Collective ]

With love,
Erica Lea

2 Responses to Winter Knitting Wishlist

  1. Kathryn Grace 
    I like that sweater! Very cute and feminine and cozyyyy….
  2. Alyssa 
    Oooh, the hat! What an honour to be in such a lovely line-up. I wish I’d taken better photos of Elvira now!

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