Grandma and Dad enjoy paper-thin chocolate crepes on paper plates with Grandma’s mail stacked in the middle of the table. For I ♥ Faces.

9 Responses to “Paper”

  1. Mrs.Mayhem 
    Very nice. I like the colors and the welcoming feeling.
  2. Misty 
    Wonderfully candid and real!
  3. Dana-from chaos to Grace 
    What a BEAUTIFUL image!!
  4. Melissa 
    I love paper plates! I also love your photo style.
  5. Kathryn Grace 
    Great candid feel – you’ve got paper everywhere in there! :-)
  6. Ashley Sisk 
    What a great capture and I love the processing. I also wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful blog. I just added you to my reader and I look forward to seeing more of your work!
  7. mindy 
    Love the everyday of this.. I think we seem to forget those everyday activities and interactions. Beautiful lighting!
  8. Rachel 
    great capture!
    i love the real quality and simply beauty that you found.
  9. amanda {the habit of being} 
    i love the candid nature of this! it makes you feel as though you’re sitting there with them. and the low light makes it feel cozy. the steam coming off her coffee is my favorite part!

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