The theme for this week’s I Heart Faces Challenge is “Orange.”
One Autumn evening, as we were walking on our Grandma’s property, I captured the slanting rays of the golden orange sun grazing my beautiful sister’s hair and face.
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9 Responses to “Orange”

  1. Deb T. 
    Absolutely gorgeous lighting, great job!
  2. courtney fisk 
    love beautiful sunflare like this. great shot!
  3. amy 
    Love this! Great use of light!
  4. TanishaRenee 
    Love the flare! Beautiful photo!
  5. Adeena 
    Love the flare! Beautiful colour. :)
  6. Hayley 
    Such beautiful light!
  7. sheena 
    this is BEAUTIFUL!!
  8. amy 
    LOVE L.O.V.E the sunflare….so simply deeeelicious…
  9. Kathryn Grace 
    Clever application of the theme! Love the scenery in the background.

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