Peonies in the Rain

Peonies in the Rain
Today was quite strange weather-wise. We had a series of rainstorms and short-lived yet intense hailstorm.
I braved the elements and shot these peonies on our porch while under an umbrella.

 photo hail.jpg

Here are a few pieces of hail.

4 Responses to Peonies in the Rain

  1. Keren 
    It certainly was a different day weather-wise. I kinda liked it though.
    Beautiful photo of the peonies.
  2. Ruth Ann 
    I’m so glad that you braved the elements to snap this picture, Erica! It’s lovely. :) I love red, and the rain drops add a dimension that I just love.
  3. Hannah 
    Whoa, those. are. big. O.o But the flowers still look lovely, yay! :)
  4. Samantha 
    Simply loverly! We have peonies in our yard but none of them are red. I think I like the red ones better!

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