Classic Movie Review: For Me and My Gal

Movie Quality: 2/5
Moral Rating: 4/5
Trailer: Link
Release Date: 1942
Summary: On the brink of Word War I, Harry Palmer and Jo Hayden, two talented young vaudeville performers, dream of performing at the Palace Theatre, New York. Just as their dream is set to come true, Harry is drafted.
To delay his enrollment in the army, he smashes his hand in a trunk. When Jo, who has just learned of her soldier brother’s death, realizes what Harry has done, she breaks off their engagement and expresses a desire never to see him again.
Stricken with guilt, Harry attempts to enroll in the army, but is denied because his hand is permanently maimed. Depressed and rejected by his friends, he finally decides to help out the best he can – by providing entertainment for the troops.
To learn whether or not he gets his girl, you’ll just have watch the movie (or read a more revealing summary). ;)
Objectionable Content:
Sensuality: Couples kiss several times. Harry and Jo embrace while sitting on the floor.
The ladies’ costumes are not always modest. One costume was deemed too low, so all close-up shots were blurred around the bodice. Jo dances in a skimpy costume.
Language: A few mild exclamations such as “golly” and “darn”.
Violence: The scene where Harry Smashes his hand could be quite frightening to young children. There are a few scenes of war (shooting and wounded men).
Drugs/Alcohol: There are several instances where characters drink.
My Review: My sisters and I really enjoyed this movie. Several of the costumes are lovely and the love story is very cute.
That said, I would not consider this one of my favorite movies, nor would I need to see it multiple times. I would definitely label it as a chic flick, especially since it is a musical. Dad hates musicals. The preachy propaganda for World War II breaks through a little too much for my tastes. And the only number that I really enjoyed was the title song: “For Me and My Gal.”
But, if you would like to see a charming little love story, I think you would enjoy “For Me and My Gal.” Here is my favorite song from the film:
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