Simple Three Strand Braid

I first learned how to braid by making bread. It was so easy to cross the ropes of dough over each other to make French bread. But braiding my own hair was another matter. I would invariably end up frustrated and discouraged. But my sister encouraged me to keep trying, and eventually I succeeded at braiding a (very messy) simple braid.
Here is a tutorial to help you succeed with your first braid.
Simple Three Strand Braid Tutorial

1) Begin with neatly combed hair. There are few things more aggravating than snarly hair.
2) Separate your hair into 3 equal strands and hold them apart with your fingers.
3) Cross the far right strand over the middle strand. This is the new center strand, and the center strand is the new far right strand.
4) Cross the far left strand over the center strand. This is the new center strand, and the center strand is the new far left strand.
5) Continue in this manner (alternately crossing the far right and far left strands over the center strands) until you reach the desired length.
6) Tie off the braid with a ponytail holder, small rubber hair bands, ribbons, or whatever you wish.
This skill is the basis for many different hair styles.   Experiment by making two equal-sized braids,  making two small braids on either side of your head and gathering them together at the center of your head, coiling the braid into a bun, etc. Be creative!
© 2009 by Erica Lea

2 Responses to Simple Three Strand Braid

  1. Simply Vintagegirl 
    What a lovely tutorial! The photographs are charming and the hair looks so soft and silky! I have inherited a bit of wildness to my hair (it is curly, but without gel it will be twice the size of my head by the end of the day). :) Once my hair is longer, I will be able to try (again) to do my own braid (when my hair was longer I tried, but it was never satisfactory). This morning I had my dear mother French braid my hair (it is finally long enough! yay!).
    I’m not quite sure what kind of strawberries we grow. They are small, but delicious. There is the occasional plant that produces misshapen berries, but still taste good.
    Joyfully in Christ,
    Emily Rose
  2. Erica Lea 
    Thank you, Emily!

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