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Our Duluth Trip

Well, I feel bad that it's been so long since I last wrote a post in this space, but I've been so busy and scatter-brained lately! I started homeschool preschool with Helen, and that + working part time as a food blogger has meant that I haven't had loads of extra time for this creative outlet. Plus, I just moved Buttered Side Up to Wordpress and updated the design, which took a lot of mental power. Haha!

So now I have a bit of catching up to do over here on Simple Days.

Back in August, we stayed in Duluth overnight at Reuben's cousin and his wife's house. They have such a charming spot - I love their vintage house! You can see the lake from it. And Taryn's garden - I'm so envious of her skills/hard work!

Here's a few of the things we did on our trip:

18 Month Update | James

This little guy is growing up so fast! It feels like he's learning new things every day. It's so exciting to see his little mind expand.

Here are some photos I took of him the other morning. Isn't he a little hunk? :)

He's *technically* 19 months here...close enough!

18 Month Update

The Story of the Hollyhocks

The Story of the Hollyhocks
"We have a couple of options. We could live in our own trailer in a trailer court...or we could live in my grandparents' basement."

These were the two housing options that Reuben offered me when we were engaged.

I was a little apprehensive about both options. Neither were what I was expecting as our first home (thanks to the inflated expectations I had due to my conservative homeschool ideals for a young man).

We settled on the basement, even though living in someone else's house was not very appealing to me. I had heard stories of grandparents interfering and generally being annoying to the grandchildren that lived with them.