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He's 2! | Jim's 2 Year Update

James turned 2 this month! He hit a growth spurt recently, and he was just shoving food in his face and asking for it constantly. It seemed like he outgrew his 18 month clothes overnight.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

I used to be a huge proponent of glass Christmas tree ornaments. Then...I had kids. And I realized that I routinely break at least one glass ornament a year, and if I wanted my kids to be at all involved in the process of decorating, there would be MANY broken ornaments to clean up.

So I bought some pretty plastic ornaments that only bounce on our tile floor when we drop them.

Hail...in December?!

After snow in October, then no snow at the end of November, then summer-like weather, something weird happened. 

First, I heard thunder. I could hardly believe my ears, but it really was a thunder and lightning storm! I don't ever remember a thunderstorm in December.

And that's not rain you see in the picture...