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Our Christmas Tree 2018

I knew I wanted to get a tree this year, because I don't know how I'll feel about having one with a crawling baby next year. It worked out well when James was at the crawling stage, but he was a naturally compliant baby. We'll have to see how this little one's temperament is...

October Snow

Technically our first snow was on September 28 this year. But it was pretty light-duty.

On October 4th, it made another appearance. This time it was a bit heavier.

24 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #3

18 Weeks
I turned 24 weeks last week, which means I'm now about 6 months along, or 2/3 of the way through!

So here's my 24 week pregnancy update:

Weight this week: 124.8 pounds - up about 5 pounds from 20 weeks!

Measurement around waist: 30 1/2"

Measurement around belly: 33"

How big is baby? Baby weighs about 1 1/3 pounds (we're measuring in pounds instead of ounces now!), and is about a foot long from head to heel. About the size of an ear of corn!

Maternity Clothes: I picked up a few sweaters from a thrift store to get me through the winter. For some reason non-maternity sweaters tend to fit better than other "regular" clothing items.

I also bought a PJ set from Majamas because my regular PJ pants are starting to get uncomfortable!

Movement: Yes! I can tell already that baby is getting hiccups. It's not a fun feeling - kind of annoying. It's only going to get worse as baby gets bigger. I can see the baby move through clothes now. One night as I was falling asleep Reuben told me that the baby kicked his hand really hard. I mumbled my reply and drifted off...

Cravings: I've been craving sweets recently. Nothing too crazy though.