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Fall Fun

 Yes, I know that I'm waaaay behind on posting fall photos this year. This blog is basically a collection of memories so that I can go back and look at what we were doing years ago. And I don't want to forget these moments!

Starting School with Helen

I guess the title of this post isn't exactly accurate. It's not like I STARTED school with Helen this fall. I've been teaching her since she was born. She could recognize many of her letters when she was 2. She started counting when she was 18 months. So in reality she's been learning her whole life.

Our Duluth Trip

Well, I feel bad that it's been so long since I last wrote a post in this space, but I've been so busy and scatter-brained lately! I started homeschool preschool with Helen, and that + working part time as a food blogger has meant that I haven't had loads of extra time for this creative outlet. Plus, I just moved Buttered Side Up to Wordpress and updated the design, which took a lot of mental power. Haha!

So now I have a bit of catching up to do over here on Simple Days.

Back in August, we stayed in Duluth overnight at Reuben's cousin and his wife's house. They have such a charming spot - I love their vintage house! You can see the lake from it. And Taryn's garden - I'm so envious of her skills/hard work!

Here's a few of the things we did on our trip: