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Summer Fun Part 2

Here's my second installment of photos depicting what we did over the summer of 2017!

Summer Fun Part 1

We've really been soaking up the summer sun this year. I think having kids makes you realize just how short the warm season is (and how long the cold season is). I've made an effort to say yes to summer fun activities whenever possible.

Here are some photos from the first half of June.

Summer Fun Part 1
June 2nd. Here I am in my beach getup. I finally got myself a floppy sun hat. It's actually functional as well as fashionable - it helps to protect my pale skin. My tankini is from Lime Ricki. Sunnies from Walmart.

I took the kids swimming at Reuben's family's beach.

Spring Blooms

One of the best parts about spring in Minnesota is all the blossoming trees! They're delicate and glorious at the same time.

Here's a boatload of photos I've taken this spring. Enjoy!